Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Green Up Day 05/07/22

The four main areas of interest I plan to write about are Parent, Engineer, Vermonter, Volunteer. 

Reposted from my personal FaceBook page:

Yesterday was the annual Green Up Vermont day where folks throughout the state volunteer to pick up refuse along the roadways, parking lots, hills, gullies, and hollows. 

Our local Arlington Vermont Lions Club partnered with the Arlington BSA Troop 334 and we went out along Laver and Dunham Rd., all the while filling our green bags. Our local Lions President and I each filled five bags as we traversed the hillside and climbed up and down slopes to grab the many empty beer cans, water bottles, food containers, and the occasional couch.

We found some odd items and waterfront property that took some force to dislodge. We had more than 80 people around the Town of Arlington, Vermont, picking up litter in an effort to keep our area clean to locals and visitors alike. It was a nice day and I hope more people will come out next year!


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