Sunday, June 12, 2022

Inaugural Beginnings

Hi there,

I'm Aaron Ashton, and you may refer to me with my alliteration in either order, my meme nickname Ay-aron, or as double AA. I'm 32, a parent, an engineer, Vermonter, and volunteer. 

Aaron and Ila the Newfoundland enjoying life in South Windsor CT (2019). Ila was Aaron's Newfoundland dog and passed away in November 2021.

A few months ago, it was mentioned by a member of the Arlington, VT community that I should start blogging. I've toiled with the idea since then and after meeting Nancy at the Wayside Country Store in West Arlington, VT this morning, (where she excitedly shared her own writing experience) I was encouraged to create a blog and share my insights with you, the reader. Whether you're a close friend or distant observer, welcome to my blogging journey.

I hope you enjoy your stay and find this to be engaging and insightful. While I'm a novice to blogging, I enjoy writing prose and think this will be a helpful way for me to practice my craft of story telling.

For reference:

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